Oh it’s cold out there

by Rumour Miller on December 13, 2009

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and I am complaining because I’d really like to be able to get the girls outside for a bit. Okay, honestly, I’d really like Craig to get the girls outside for a bit while I stay in doing… whatever it is that I feel like doing.

It won’t happen today. -45 degrees celsius with the windchill. Cold enough for you?
I’m in the middle of a tedious candy bar recipe that Craig wanted for Christmas. Right now, I am melting caramels. Melting caramels is painful…much worse than waiting for a pot to boil. And I look at him with evil eyes and say, “This better be good.” Which I am sure it will be… once it’s done. I think it is supposed to taste like O Henry Bars. I also think I started the recipe before 9 and it is now 10:59!
My blood sugars have been kinda wonky this weekend. I am carb counting and taking 1 unit of insulin per 15 grams of carbs. It has been working and now I am thinking that I need to increase that to 2 units of insulin per 15 grams of carbs. Yesterday I ate lunch around noon and my sugars were good 2 hours later but at 3:00, I started to crash. I was feeling dizzy and warm. My sugars were low and I had two mandarin oranges to bring them back up. Typically low blood sugars are not my problem.
So I will have to talk to my Endocrinologist about this. I am 21 weeks 4 days along and am worried that these sugars are going to keep up like this. Not to mention that usually around 28 weeks there is a need to increase insulin. Oye.
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