The One where I talk about sharing a bedroom

by Rumour Miller on January 10, 2010

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So, we did it. We moved Davilyn’s crib into Piper’s room and well, it is now Piper & Davilyn’s room. The first night, was a dream. The girls both went to bed without a peep! Seriously, Craig and I stared at one another on the couch with our jaws resting on our knees.

Davilyn woke once at around 11:00 and I went in and picked her up for a quick cuddle and put her back down…. sleep found both my girls and morning found us just before 7:00. Night one, was a success.
Night two was a bit more of a gong show and more what I expected to happen with the girls sharing a room. There was lots of talking and throwing of stuffies outside of Davilyn’s crib. Davilyn cried a bit and we could hear Piper shushing her (very loudly and not very soothing, I might add). So we had to go in a couple of times to remind them that it was, in fact, still bed time. The majority of the night went well. That was until Davilyn decided that 6:30 was a good time to get up. We just went with it. This will become her new normal soon enough and she will start sleeping well again.
We are on night three and so far, so good (knocking on wood, even though I’m not really superstitious). Bed time just happened like 2 minutes ago, so it could go either way. Although I am expecting a good night, since both girls were very tired this afternoon and this evening.
We are going to give it a good solid week but if the first few nights are any indication, they should both settle in pretty quickly.
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