The One where I talk about sharing a bedroom – Update

by Rumour Miller on January 11, 2010

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So, on our third night with our two oldest Divas sharing a room, we were pretty smug.

Especially come bedtime when we all read a few books in Piper’s bed and then turned out the lights. Daddy held Davilyn for a few minutes, swaying gently, before placing her in her crib. Then he sat in the living room and I in the dining room… waiting. Waiting for the slightest sound to emerge from that bedroom. Nothing.

So we got pretty comfortable in front of the television. Reading the news on our computers, surfing facebook and listening to iTunes. We almost broke out in the happy dance when all of a sudden, she peeped! She, as in Davilyn, kept saying Peepee. Peepee. Which could mean one of two things.

1. She actually wanted her diaper changed; or
2. She was being lazy with addressing her sister. She can say Piper… but sometimes just says PeePee.

We were pretty sure that Piper was sleeping, since we didn’t hear any commentary from the peanut gallery while Davilyn kept declaring, “Peepee”. And because I didn’t want her to wake Piper, I went to get Davilyn and I changed her bum (which for the record was wet). Then, I snuggled her for a few minutes and laid her back in her crib… silence.

*We woke this morning with my alarm clock and Davilyn was pretty happy to see me when I went to get her from her crib.

So, I am pretty confident with this sharing of a bedroom for them. They are adjusting really well (but for nap time, but that has always been a bit of a battle) and I am so proud of them.

* Piper still comes to our bed at some point in the night… I’m guessing that this habit will end, although I am not entirely sure when. I’m going to bet, however, that by the time she graduates highschool she won’t be sleeping in our bed anymore.

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Soralis January 13, 2010 at 1:14 am

Good luck with the room sharing! In our house it's kind of a nightmare as one Boy wakes up the other all the time. Hope it continues to go well!

Rumour Miller January 13, 2010 at 9:30 pm

I hope the nightmare soon turns into a dream for both our house holds.

There is much I can tolerate, but not when I've had no sleep.

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