Month 20 – Letter to Davilyn

by Rumour Miller on February 1, 2010

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Dear Davi ~

What a rough month you have had! First the flu and then croup (again). It’s been down right miserable around here. Thank goodness (for you and for us) you are starting to feel much better.

You remain to be your Mama’s gal but while we were both sick and Daddy was taking care of you, you started to search him out more often. Even though you continue to run to me more often, you also choose Daddy once in a while.
You love to talk and you repeat everything you hear. You sing along and you copy Piper. You have so many words now and are a great little communicator.
You have a personality that is all your own. You are cute and funny and very stubborn! Oh my, how you keep me on my toes.
We are all still adjusting to the shared room and I know as you get older it will be much easier. You play in there all the time and you ask for Piper when you wake up. There really hasn’t been too many nights where the two of you chat but, again, I know that will change as you get older. Right now, I am still enjoying the fact that (when you are not sick) you sleep so well. I hope your little sister gets that from you!
Mama loves you, Boo.
Love Mama.
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