Fetal Assessment

by Rumour Miller on February 11, 2010

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I had another fetal assessment done yesterday, primarily to watch babies growth and because I am diabetic. I went for my first one about 5 weeks ago and Diva 3 was approximately 2 lbs at that time. Yesterday, she was weighing in at almost 4lbs. Apparently this is a bit big and puts her in the 90th percentile for size.

Obviously, I’m not crazy about the fact that she is a bit bigger since my body apparently has auto eject at 7lbs 1 oz (both Piper and Davilyn were 7lbs 1 oz). I hope the growth evens out and I am able to make it to 36 weeks (I’ve been having some serious anxiety about this. Which usually presents itself at night. Since we have NO ONE here to come in the middle of the night to watch the girls).
Other then that, Diva 3 looks great and she moves SO MUCH! It seems like there are more times she is moving then not.
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