Month 21 – Letter to Davilyn

by Rumour Miller on March 1, 2010

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Dearest Davilyn ~

You are so beautiful to me! Any day now and you will also be a Big Sister! I wonder how you will adjust and manage to sharing Mama with two sisters. I wonder what you will think of the newest addition to our family.

You are many things but two come to mind when I think of you…. Little Miss Independent and DIVA. You insist on doing things for yourself and on your own. It doesn’t matter what you are attempting to do, you must try to do it on your own before you will let anyone help you. You love to do things in style. Especially if that means dressing up in your princess heals and strutting around the house. You walk remarkably well in them!
You are your mother’s daughter (or so I have been told). Apparently you are very similar to Mommy when I was your age. It there is any truth to that, I think your personality will serve you well in life.
It doesn’t much matter to Mama, You are You and you will always make me proud.
I want you to know that the best moments of your Mama’s life are happening right now… moments when I watch you dancing or singing or playing nicely with your sister. Moments when we snuggle and you give me kisses and hugs. Moments that I would like to pause and replay (and even some I’d rather fast forward). Precious moments all the same.
Mama is on maternity leave now and we will have so much time to spend many moments together.
Mama loves you, Boo.
Love Mama
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