The one with Three Divas

by Rumour Miller on March 31, 2010

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Life has been hectic with three girls, 4 and under. We still have not found our groove as a family of five, but that will come soon enough. Craig’s parents are still here and, I suspect, that once they go home we will find our rhythm and beat.

Piper loves holding Quinn and talking to her. Davi is smitten with her as well, but only in bits and pieces. She isn’t quite two so you can imagine what her attention span is like. Quinn is such a great baby (all three girls were). That comes with the territory when they are this early. They have energy to wake long enough to eat and that is it. She spends 98% of her time, sleeping. As with Piper and Davilyn, I am guessing she will start to wake up more around the 3 week mark. She wakes every 3 – 4 hours to eat and then she is sound asleep again.
The weather has been gorgeous around here, which is unusual for March… I hope it stays.
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