Month 56 – Letter to Piper

by Rumour Miller on November 6, 2010

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Dearest Piper ~

You played your first official hockey game today.  Your Daddy and I were quite proud of you.  You got your first assist and when I asked you if you knew what that was you said:  “Well I passed it to one person and he passed it to Nicole and she scored.”  I guess all that hockey watching with Papa is paying off!

There are going to many times in your life when I will want to see you shoot and score, many times in your life when I will want to see you win, or come out on top.  But, mostly, I just want to see you smile and have fun.  I want you to be proud of you!  I know that you are when you seek me out and flash me your smile with a wave or a thumbs up.  I also know that there will come a time when you are on the ice (or the soccer pitch) and it will no longer be cool to seek out your Mama for a big wave.  I want you to know, that’s okay.  I get it. But, please just give me a little grin… okay!

Your can do attitude is what will help you to succeed in life and to just be happy.

Soon, I will pull out all the baking supplies and we will get down to business!  You love to help out in the kitchen and we always have fun.  This year, Davilyn will be helping us too, so we must move over and make some more room.

I am still amazed that I have a child that is old enough to play hockey.  You have sure managed to take us on many adventures in your 4.5 years.  I look forward to them all.

Mama loves you, Sweet Pea.

Love Mama.

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