Silent Night

by Rumour Miller on December 27, 2010

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We have been feeling a wee bit under the weather here but nothing that has kept us from enjoying our Christmas together.  It’s been a great Christmas here and this year my little family actually spent this season wrapped up in each other.  It was Quinn’s first Christmas.  Our last time celebrating a 1st Christmas here.

My parents and sister came out right before Christmas and even though we were still busy with work and hockey commitments, we were able to celebrate with them.  Going into the days of Christmas felt odd to me, thinking of not spending it with my parents or with Craig’s parents.  This was a first for us but it was just what we hoped it would be.

The girls have been sick with colds and coughing.  Davilyn hasn’t been sleeping well and it certainly would have been a miserable experience if we were away from home.

Craig worked the morning of the 24th and when he got home, we piled on our layers and took the girls tobogganing.  It was so much fun!

The big girls loved it

Quinn didn’t get to slide down the hill. She ended up back in the van doing this

The tobogganing was a blast and the girls are itching to go again but the highlight on the 24th was this

Mr. C always manages to find the time to visit us on Christmas Eve. Piper’s excitement for Christmas this year was awesome. Davilyn is still apprehensive but she is warming up to Mr. C in a big way. I expect next year she will embrace him wholeheartedly.

We capped off our evening with a low key supper and some chocolate fondue. Daddy and the big girls cuddled while watching some Christmas shows and then they went to bed at their normal bed time hour. Craig and I spent the evening getting things ready for the morning. After we were sure the girls were fast asleep, we sat down and opened our gifts to each other.

I like this little tradition of ours. We started doing it the year Davilyn was born. It allows us to enjoy our own gift giving and receiving. It also guarantees that Christmas morning is all about the girls. Watching them open their presents and stockings. Watching them to enjoy their new treasures and enjoying it all with them.

We cooked a tenderloin roast instead of a turkey this year and it was enjoyed… twice. The leftover sandwiches were great too.  We spent the day playing with our new treasures and just after supper time we retreated to the basement to play the wii.  I got a new game in my stocking, Just Dance 2, and watching everyone play it was hilarious!  Piper loves the dancing game and she and her friends were playing yesterday evening.

All in all, our Christmas was wonderful.  Our noses are still running and we are still coughing but, overall, we are healthy.  We are happy.  We are together.  Nothing else matters.

I hope your Christmas was just as wonderful (or more so) than ours.

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