Ice Cream Cupcakes

by Rumour Miller on January 10, 2011

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My day care does a great job of recognizing all the kids she cares for.  If it’s their birthday, she has Happy Birthday on her window for everyone to see.  So for the past two years on her birthday, I’ve sent a special treat for her to share and celebrate with the kids.

I love to bake and my girls love that they get to take it over with them.  Last year, we made a chocolate cake with sprinkles.  This year I made Ice Cream Cupcakes.

They are super easy to do and just look kinda neato!  I used jelly beans as fillers (and the girls enjoyed them more than the cupcakes).  For each cone you need one regular sized cupcake and one mini cupcake.  Put frosting on just the top of the regular sized cupcake and stick it upside down on your cone then frost the top of the mini cupcake and stick upside down on your 1st cupcake.  Then frost it any colour you wish.  I just used store bought frosting and used pink food dye.

They are easy and fun.  You will love them just as much as your kids do!

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Kir January 11, 2011 at 12:34 pm

they look delicious…I love them..that might be something fun to do with the boys if the snowstorm comes… 🙂
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