by Rumour Miller on January 27, 2011

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Yesterday’s post was heavy but that is exactly how I was feeling when the day came to a close.  I’m not feeling so heavy today.  I talked to The Time Traveler at length (hours) about some big and little stresses in our life lately and it felt good to just put all those words out there.

I wanted to share with you some of what we were up to this winter and never had a chance to post.  Sometimes life is just really busy with 3 Divas.

Back in the fall we started this project.  I printed all of the letters of Alphabet and then let the Big Girls colour them in (mostly Diva 1 but Diva 2 helped with some).  Then I started to glue them to construction paper so that we could make an Alphabet Train to hang on our wall downstairs where they play.  We haven’t finished this project yet, but it’s a fun one to pull out every now and again (and hopefully finish up soon).

This next little project we started (and completed) just before Christmas.

There are three separate little handprints that made up this little wreath.  The Big Girls loved helping to cut out the hand prints and they loved the final product of their wee paws.  It hung on our tree and then on a door knob and when the Christmas decorations were put away in January, it went with them.

These aren’t complicated little crafts, but the girls love them and it was fun to watch them help create them.

What have you been up to lately?

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