by Rumour Miller on March 11, 2011

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Chances are I would never have known about the earthquake in Japan or the Tsunami(s) until sometime this afternoon.  I probably would have heard from Craig at some point during the day and he would have filled me in on the news.  My thoughts and prayers would have been with those affected directly and indirectly by the massive earthquake that hit Japan and I would have watched some of the events unfold on the television.  I would have sat by, thinking, “Gosh, I cannot imagine the devastation or the fear.”

I found out about the earthquake this morning when my brother-in-law called to talk to Craig.  I was getting ready to head into the city for a Continuing Legal Education course when Craig called me out to the bedroom and turned on the television.  The headline read

Tsunami Expected to hit Hawaii

And my heart sank.  Craig’s parents (on their first big vacation ever) had flown from Canada’s East Coast to Hawaii and just before landing were notified of the earthquake in Japan and the Tsunami expected to hit Hawaii.  They were taken immediately to their hotel where they were told not to leave their room (on the 15th floor).  So they waited. All night.  And I know my mother-in-law, she did not sleep.  Nor did she rest.  She worried and with good reason.  We all remember the Tsunami that hit Indonesia in 2004.

Thankfully, Craig’s parents are fine.  I wish I could say the same thing for everyone in Japan and surrounding areas.  Life can (and does) change in an instant.  The images on the television show devastation.  Hundreds are dead and so many are missing.  I cannot imagine the fear, the terror and the tragedy.

They are in the midst of crisis now and they need our prayers today and in the days that follow as they pick themselves up and begin again.

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Kir March 14, 2011 at 12:47 pm

I am so glad that they are ok my friend. I kept them in my thoughts all weekend

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