The One with a Birthday Party and Lots of Hockey

by Rumour Miller on March 27, 2011

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What a busy weekend we had here at The Rumour Mill Headquarters.  We celebrated Quinn’s 1st birthday with some family and friends and then I played against Piper in the Moms vs. Kids hockey game.  Then Craig and I went out for supper with friends.  Got home well after bedtime.  Got up early and went to watch the Manitoba Moose play where Piper’s team played during intermission.


It was a great weekend and I have the photos to prove it.

Quinn loved her cake! I made cupcakes and put icing on them and they looked like a cake. She was so excited as we were singing Happy Birthday to her. Flapping her arms and when I gave her a cupcake she dug right in.  I don’t know if I have mentioned this yet, but I cannot believe my Baby Baby is one.  This was the fastest year on record.  It really feels like yesterday that Quinn was born.  Now we are heading into our second summer with her.  What a different summer we have in store for us.  She will soon be walking (she is taking cautious steps but nothing serious yet) and then I will have three Divas to chase outside.

We played our Moms vs. Kids game yesterday and I wore the only jersey I have! I loved playing with Piper and both she and I scored goals. It was so much fun and it has ignited a spark in me to join a “fun” league or a “pick up” league in the fall. I was talking to another Mom today who is interested in this as well. We’ll see if things pan out and I can work it into our already busy winter schedule. I can skate, I can shoot… I just can’t stop very well. Guess I better work on that.

This is Piper and I facing off against each other. I’m not gonna lie, she skates better than I do (and she is faster too).

If you ever get a chance, get out there and play with your kids. No matter what game it is that they are playing! You will love it and THEY WILL love it even more. It has been a great 1st season as a Hockey Mom.  I am looking forward to the break this summer and hanging out at the soccer pitch.  Next year Piper will still be our only Diva playing hockey, but Davilyn will be old enough for a skating program.  I can’t wait!

Davilyn has been such a good trooper this year.  She has come along to the rink, games and practises without much fuss.  Craig and I have decided that we need to take an afternoon or a day and spend it with just her.  She deserves some special time with us.  Plus, I promised her a trip to the toy store when she started using the potty on a regular basis and I am happy to report that she has!  So we need to take some time in the next couple of weeks and devote some time to just her.

(A big thanks to my Mom who did a whole lot of babysitting this weekend, so that we could do all of this!)

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Laureen March 27, 2011 at 10:12 pm

Yay for our mommies!!

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