Lakey Lake

by Rumour Miller on April 11, 2011

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The temperatures are warming up here and we took advantage of that on Saturday and spent some time outside.  This is the year that the training wheels come off of Piper’s bike so we headed over to a local parking lot and she did some practising.

Quinn hung out with us in the chariot.  She seemed quite content to sit there watching the action around her.  I wasn’t sure how long she would want to be sitting in the chariot since she started walking.  She is still a bit uneasy on her feet, but she walks more than she crawls now and it is so cute.

Davilyn was riding the little bike/trike that Santa brought her for Christmas and the first place she headed for was the huge puddle in the middle of the parking lot.  There was a bit of a chill in the air and the water was cold but she did not care.  The puddle was so big, in fact, that she kept calling it a Lakey Lake. 

She was having so much fun playing in the water.  She eventually ditched the bike and started running and stomping… and then she did this

In just that short hour outside, we had already started seeing improvements in Piper’s riding.  She isn’t quite off on her own, but being able to ride a bit without falling off was all she needed to encourage herself to keep at.  If we get out each evening this week, I am guessing she will be flying off on her own by the weekend.

At first, she was asking us to put the training wheels back on for her.  It’s hard to watch the time fly by us but we wouldn’t be doing our job if we were encouraging her not to move along with it.

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