The Soother Update

by Rumour Miller on April 18, 2011

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When I took the soothers away from Piper, I tucked them all away in a drawer and told Craig that I tossed them straight into the garbage.  I had no idea how I would deal with Piper learning to live without her soother.  I was not the one I needed to worry about.  I remember Craig coming into the living room and desperately asking me what I did with the soothers.  I’m sure if he knew they were sitting in a drawer, he would have used one.

Imagine his surprise, months later when he finally found them.

When we were ready to wean Davilyn, they did actually go into the garbage.  Except for the ones that were still in hiding.  You know… in the couch cushions, under a dresser or in a jacket pocket.

The other day, Craig gathered all of Quinn’s soothers and did away with them.  I assumed he threw them in the garbage.

Quinn has been adjusting pretty well to the lack of soothers in her life.  After that first night, we faced our second and worst night to date.  It took 2 hours to get her to sleep.  She was so mad at us!  She also woke a few times during the night and cried out.  Her night wakings have been very brief and we have not had to go to her.  She has managed to settle herself and go back to sleep within a few minutes.  Nap time on Sunday was much the same, despite her sheer exhaustion from being up so late on Saturday.  I started to worry about how she would react to the Nanny on Monday.

Last night, bed time was a breeze!  She was so tired that she drank her bottle, rolled her head into my chest and immediately fell asleep.  She woke once through the night and settled quickly.  She is doing so well and I just hope that nap time today was a success.

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Craig April 18, 2011 at 7:17 pm

And the soothers aren’t garbaged … just stowed away. For memories.

Rachel M. April 18, 2011 at 7:55 pm

Our Charlotte took about 2 weeks, it was probably a more anxious time for parents than daughter! Sam never wanted one!! Good luck!!
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