A Birthday and a Royal Wedding!

by Rumour Miller on April 29, 2011

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I thought it was fabulous that Wills and Kate choose my birthday to exchange vows.  Their own little personal shout out to me…. thanks Wills and Kate.  I joke. I joke.  I PVRd the Royal Wedding and I do intend to sit down this evening and watch it.  It’s kinda hard to sit in peace with 3 Divas nipping at my heals… so I will just catch the highlights on facebook for now.  I think Kate is gorgeous and I just have to say that I love her sister’s name, Pippa.  Craig would disagree with me (and in fact in our baby naming days, he has) so we don’t have a Pippa of our own.  Kate’s dress is simple, elegant and not at all what I pictured it might be. I think it suits her (from what I know of her that is).  So, Congratulations to Kate.  Today you really did marry your Prince and became a Princess.

And it really is my birthday.  Last night, Craig took the big girls out to the mall to find a present for Mama.  Davilyn got to carry it in the van on the way home and Piper got to carry it into the house and hide it.  I am shocked and amazed because those two stinkers were able to keep it a surprise until this morning! Unheard of around here.  Craig did tell me last night that the first thing that Piper picked out for me was a webkinz.  I guess she figured I needed to join the world of webkinz.  He steered her away from that and they picked out a gorgeous bracelet for me.  I love it.  Such sweet girls I have.

My day started with Craig letting me sleep in and he went into the office later than usual.  It also started off with a cough and lack of voice (my voice appears to be returning though).  Then the girls gave me my gift while I enjoyed my morning coffee.  Tonight we will meet Craig for an early supper and that will be a nice end to the day.

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Craig April 29, 2011 at 1:15 pm

And I got to marry my Princess!

urban daddy April 30, 2011 at 9:28 pm

Awww, Happy birthday yesterday. Hope you had a wonderful day..

Kir May 4, 2011 at 3:02 pm

oh I love that Craig, you lucky lucky girl!!!!

Hope your whole Birthday month (cause you know you should celebrate all month) is Fun, Spectacular and all those wishes come true!!!!!
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