Month 35 – Letter to Davilyn

by Rumour Miller on May 1, 2011

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Dear Davilyn ~

Here we are, one month away from your 3rd Birthday, and we woke up to snow.  You are far to young to realize how much this sucks and you still think that seeing snow on the ground is awesome (no matter what time of year).  When we saw snow on the mountains in Banff last July, you were so excited.

You had so much fun on Easter this year and celebrated each time you found an egg.  It was fun watching you get so excited.  You then proceeded to eat chocolate until your tummy hurt.  Or until you were convinced that it hurt.  Mama and Gramma kept telling you not to eat too much because you will get a tummy ache and then you promptly announced that you had a tummy ache.  It did not last very long and you were up running around and asking for more chocolate.

We started soccer and so far you have yet to enjoy it.  The first night you were terribly upset to find out that you were not playing on Piper’s team.  You were beside yourself and could not believe that you had to play on the little field and not on the big field with Piper and Mama.  I hope that this week is much different for you and you settle in and enjoy yourself.

You were quite taken by the Royal Wedding.  We have been watching the highlights and looking at pictures.  You are fascinated with the Palace Guards and when I showed you a photo of Prince William you asked me if it was Flynn Ryder.  Awwww, Tangled.  Your favourite movie and your favourite Princess.

We hope that this snow melts soon and the weather warms up… we are scheduled to start camping in a few weeks.  You are looking forward to using your Buzz Lightyear Sleeping bag that you got for Christmas and riding around on your little trike.  It should be another good summer making memories with you.

Mama loves you, Boo.

Love Mama


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