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by Rumour Miller on June 10, 2011

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Finally.  We are off in the camper this weekend.  First of the season (and I am expecting the nights to be cold) and we cannot wait!  We popped up the camper last night to start getting it ready and the big girls were so excited.  They wanted to sleep in it last night (of course) but they will just have to wait.

I love camping.  If it were just Craig and I (or the kids were a bit older) we would have gone even with all the rain.  Craig and I used to love putting on our rain coats and going for walks with Molson (our labrador).  We would play cards or scrabble under a tarp.  Roast marshmallows (which is my favourite activity while camping), read books and just relax.

Oh how camping has changed.  Camping with kids is anything but relaxing!  It’s fun though.  We get so much fresh air and, most of all, get so much time together as a family.  We are modern campers now compared to when Craig and I were in a tent on the ground.  We usually get an electrical site and sometimes water hook up.  We bring a small television with DVD player so that we can unwind in the evening as a family with a movie.  It’s also a life saver if it is raining.

This is circa 2005 and before kids.  We were tenters and loved it.  I used to be able to enjoy the summer sun with a book in my hand.

The year Piper was born, we went once.  Then we kinda skipped camping for a few years.  Realizing just how much we missed it, we decided that we would start going again.  We bought a tent trailer and the summer after Davilyn was born, we started again.  It is quite a bit more work now with kids in tow but we love it.  I am sure that we will never go back to tent camping again but someday, when the girls are old enough, we can let them tent camp next to our tent trailer.

For now, we all pile inside together.  This is Davilyn, her first year camping!  Photo circa 2009.

One of my favourite things is eating breakfast and having my morning coffee outside.  We have never done this at home (and I have no idea why!  I think I will try it) but camping it’s a daily morning ritual.  Photo circa 2009.

Since it is quite a bit of work to get the campsite cleaned up after our stay, I started having scavenger hunts with the girls.  This allows us to keep busy and go for a walk, while Craig is able to get some of the big jobs done.  This photo below, Piper had to find various items on our list.  One of which was a marshmallow and can be quite hard to find on the last day of camping.  This family happened to have one left!  Photo circa 2009.

Craig is our fire starter while camping.  The Big Girls love to help Daddy, but this is one job that we do not allow them to assist on.  The fun thing about camping is that we can roast marshmallows whenever we want.  Even right after breakfast!  Photo circa 2009.

Every one loves a marshmallow!  Photo circa 2009.

The year that Quinn arrived, we were out in the camper!  She won’t remember her first summer camping but eventually the memories from our family camping trips will fill her soul.  Photo circa 2010.

Last summer, we spent our family vacation in our camper!  It was awesome and we cannot wait to do it again this year.  I wish we lived in a climate that allowed for camping during most of the year.  This years photos will include our new, Annie.  Photo circa 2010.

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May June 10, 2011 at 9:28 pm

I love the wine glasses on the table. A MUST while camping with little ones!! Have fun this year. You are braver than I.

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