First Camping Trip of the Season

by Rumour Miller on June 16, 2011

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Was pretty successful. In that, it didn’t rain.  We ate enough marshmallows to make us want to unbutton our pants.  We are still digging out the dirt from under our nails and the smell of campfire still lingers on items that can’t be thrown into the washing machine.

Everyone has a job (big or small) when setting up the camper and taking it down.  Mostly Craig does the hard work while the Divas help him.  I am usually supervising the Divas and making sure they are not getting in the way.  Sometimes, I take them off for a walk or a play at the park.  This usually happens on the day we are taking down the camper and loading up to go home.  Setting up, everyone is happy and excited to be there and everyone wants to help out.

We always eat nothing but healthy food here and it is no different when we are camping.  See below, Davi is pulling out Supper.  Or at least our pre supper snack (or was it our post supper snack?).  In any event it was super healthy and I am pretty sure that it is in fact one of the four main food groups.  Well at least at our campsite it is.

This is one of the things that I love the most about camping…. We bring the bikes (and usually Craig and I bring ours too) and we circle the bays and check out the campsites. We bike to the beach or the park.  It was just last year that Magoo still had training wheels on her bike.  Not this year.  She motors around now and it’s hard for us to keep up with her when we are on our feet.  I’m guessing next year Davi will be on a two-wheeler that is sporting some training wheels. (and yes, Piper is still in her PJs… it’s how we roll on the last day of camping).

Sometimes, I wish I could read their minds…

Sometimes, I wish they would stay this small forever….

Small enough to still have their bath in a Superstore grocery bin.  The bath tub of choice when we are spending our days and nights in the camper.  Only this year I have two that will no longer fit into my Superstore grocery bin.

Even though we packed swimsuits for the girls, we went to the park without them.  They decided a trip to the beach and into the lake was in order.  What did I care, we were camping.  So they swam and played.  Quinn was not very impressed with the water though.  She hardly left my side but that’s my Quinn.


Piper has always been able to make it look like she is having the time of her life.  Candid shots of her big smile are some of my favourites.  She makes swimming in the lake look like it should be everyone’s dream!

Here is a brief moment of Quinn actually sleeping in the camper.  I hope she settles into the camping scene this summer.  If the weather keeps up with all this rain, she won’t have much of a chance.  If it stops raining, we will get out and hopefully she will get used to her new sleeping quarters.  I am trying to picture our week in the States this summer living out of our camper.  It could be a looooooong week if this child does not settle into camper sleeping.  I’m feeling pretty positive about it and I had the same apprehension this time last year before we hit the road for two weeks in our camper.  That trip turned out better than I ever could have imagined, so I am hoping this year is much the same.

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