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by Rumour Miller on June 20, 2011

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Like how I surprised the Divas with a trip to Dairy Queen.  I had to get gas and then I detoured to DQ.  The big girls had a mini blizzard and the baby had a cone. They were very happy and surprised.  We usually let them watch the DVD player in the van but every now and again I just turn it off.  They ask, beg and plead for it but I much prefer to put on some of their music and listen to them sing.  They loved that too and we all sang together.

The weather around here is so unpredictable this spring.  Mostly it has rained.  We had a gorgeous weekend and weather that was worthy of being called summer.  Then Monday happened and it was cold and grey.  Much like my mood.

I won a gazebo last September and we finally got it up this past weekend.  It is big and really doesn’t fit nicely on the deck but it was free.  So it stays.  Plus, it keeps the bugs away when we want to eat outside.  The girls think it is great.

I have a few thoughts about my womanly issues too.  I am too drained and not ready for that emotional post.  Plus, I wanted to tell my Mom what was going on and I just recently had the chance to do that.  Perhaps I will get the energy to sit down soon and fill you in.

The Time Traveller has been travelling again and I found it really difficult this time.  I think it has so much to do with what is going on with me physically but I really had a lot of anxiety this last time and was really hoping the trip would not be a week or that he wasn’t going to go at all.  The girls were a bit more emotional about it this time too.

We are considering a “Staycation” this year for our July holidays.  Use the camper closer to home and check out some of those sites that we have talked about but never had the chance to do.  There really is quite a bit to do around us.  I think we are both really nervous about going too far from home with Quinn this year after our first experience.

I was putting away some socks in Craig’s drawer the other day and found one of Quinn’s soothers.  Upon further inspection, I found them all.  We had a stink load.  Either Craig is just as sentimental as I am about things (and the fact that she is our last) or he really did not believe we would have success when we took them from her.

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Melissa June 20, 2011 at 10:38 pm

the video of Piper falling asleep while eating ice cream is one of my all time favorites. Ever.

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