by Rumour Miller on July 3, 2011

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Make it stop!  Quinn is such a screamer, its brutal.  She screams for everything.  If she is happy, sad, mad, frustrated, excited or she wants our attention.  She screams.  Screeches, really.  High pitched, ears bleeding, screams.  This is how she is communicating with us but I need a translator.

Help me make it stop.  I don’t know what to do.

I have tried ignoring it.  She screams louder.

I have firmly said NO and tapped her mouth (yes tapped, not slapped.  I’m not that cruel).

I have left the room.

I get down to her level and try to interpret what the scream means.  This is hard.  You would think that since I am on my third toddler, I would be fluent at Toddler Speak.  Not so much.  She used to scream when she wanted me to pick her up.  Once I had that translated I was able to teach her and encourage her to say “up”.  I didn’t even really realize that she had stopped screaming when she wanted me to pick her up.  She puts her hands up and says, “up”.

I know this is how she is communicating right now, but it so rough.  I know it is just a phase but it seems incredibly long and I might just rip my ears off.  I know that in two years when she is chatting my ear off in English, I will have a hard time remember this phase of her life….. but holy shit it’s damn hard when you are in the middle of the storm with no end in sight!

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