July Long Weekend 2011

by Rumour Miller on July 8, 2011

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Our annual (or almost annual) camping trip for Canada Day was a smashing success!  We let Piper bring a little friend for the day and then our family of 5 spent a few nights camping and spent our days sun bathing.  Quinn is getting much better although bedtime is still a lot of work with her.  Once she falls asleep she is pretty good for the night (at least this last trip she was).  We had such great weather.  I was a bit worried when we left home since it started to rain but the sun soon came out and stayed out until it was time for us to go home.

I love when we eat at the picnic table together.  The mornings are the best while camping.  Coffee and breakfast outside.

The weather was so gorgeous, we spent our days at the lake.  Packing snacks and lunches.  Returning to our camper late in the afternoon for supper and shade, feeling waterlogged and sun-kissed.  It amazes me, no matter how often I put sunscreen on the girls they get cute little tans.

Even Quinn was loving some water fun and sand.



Bike rides are always on the agenda.  We picked up one of those little WeeRides for Davilyn.  She isn’t quite big enough to keep up to us on a bike and she loved riding on Daddy’s bike with him.  I would too, if I didn’t have to do any work.

Morning chats over breakfast.  Our favourite breakfast while camping is Bannock on the barbecue.  Put some peanut butter and jam on top and it’s a tiny piece of heaven.


I love reading while I am camping and it is really hard to do with little ones around.  Craig took Quinn for a ride in the Chariot (nap time) and the two big girls and I sat around the camper eating sunflower seeds, carrot sticks and reading.  It was so relaxing.


This is how Quinn naps when we camp!

Davilyn doesn’t usually nap at all anymore and camping is no exception.  This is what happens after a bedtime of midnight the night before.  An early morning and lots of sun and play in the water…..


My Sweet Screaming Quinn.

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