by Rumour Miller on August 5, 2011

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Loving.  Camper living.  Bike Riding.  Trail walking.  Lake Swimming.  Outdoor Eating.


We don’t often have company while we are camping.  We are more than happy to go with just our family of five

and meet new friends along the way.

But, sometimes, it’s nice to have family in tow.

We spent our August Long Weekend at the campground and my sister joined us for the weekend.

The Divas LOVED that!

My parents joined us for the day.

The Divas LOVED that!

We spent most of the day at the beach playing in sand and the water.  Isn’t that what summer

is really all about!

The big girls love to help with dishes.  Mostly they swish and play in the

water but, at the same time, the dishes do get washed!

Making sandcastles.  Craig is great to get down in the sand and play with the girls.

They usually have him make the moat around the castle.  Davilyn has such patience for things like this.

She really takes her time.  Piper was off swimming, that’s what she loves to do.

I love taking pictures of our family and watching them play.

I look forward to hearing them talk about the times we went camping.  Looking at

the photos and saying, “I remember that, Mom.  It was so much fun.”

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