Go Jets Go!

by Rumour Miller on September 20, 2011

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Piper and Daddy are at the game tonight and keeping me updated with text messages.  They are both having so much fun and I’m not gonna lie, I really wish I was there too!  She is cheering GO JETS GO.  Participating in waves.  Wearing a new Jets t-shirt.  Talking to the people sitting next to her.  Eating their timbits. Making friends…. making a memory.

Her first NHL game.

She seems to have been born a lover of hockey.  Aside from watching hockey at Papa’s with him, she had never seen a game.  When she learned to talk, she told us she wanted to play.  Now, she is at the MTS Centre telling her Daddy that she and Papa should alternate games.  She will need to fight that one out with her Papa. I am so excited for her and Craig to be there together at this inaugural game.  The Jets are burning up the ice tonight and Craig keeps sending me messages telling me just how awesome it is!

Go Jets Go!

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