Month 67 – Letter to Piper

by Rumour Miller on October 6, 2011

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Dearest Piper ~

I am still amazed by this….

I think it’s true when they say that Canadians are born with hockey in their hearts.  At least it is true for you.  It’s not a joke when I say you have been asking to play hockey since you started talking.  You have just always wanted to play.  You got your first hockey stick from Papa before you were even two years old.  You loved it.

This year you have asked to play Ringette and, I’m not going to lie, but I wasn’t sold on that.  Not at first.  But you kept asking.  And asking.  Then during the first few weeks of school, you came home with a Ringette pamphlet in your backpack.  You pulled it out, set it down in front of me and told me you wanted to try it.  Even after explaining to you that you could not play hockey and ringette.  Even after telling you that you would not play here in your town, but we would travel to another town for you to play.  Even after telling you that you might not know anyone on the team.  You said to me:

“Mama, I can try it.  If I don’t like it then I can always go back to hockey.”

I just turned and looked at you and knew you were right.  Of course you could try it.  You amaze me.  You amazed me the day I found out about you.  You amazed me the day you were born.  You continue to amaze me.  We have conversations like this and if I close my eyes I can see you at 15.  You are an old soul, just like your Mama.

I have been so blessed to be your Mother and this year we play Ringette!

Mama loves you Magoo

Love Mama

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