Month 20 – Letter to Quinn

by Rumour Miller on November 23, 2011

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Dear Quinn ~

You are truly another of Papa’s Granddaughters. The love of hockey is strong already! Whenever there is a hockey game on television, you bounce around pointing and yelling HAW E, HAW E (I am interpreting that as Hockey). You get so excited and I can see that in a few years you and Piper will be fighting over the chance to go to hockey games with Daddy or Papa.

You still scream far too much but at least your vocabulary is starting to grow. You now say, “bye-bye, hi, Mama, Daddy, Papa, Piper, milk, yes, please, no, hockey, Annie, Gramma”. You just need to start using them on a regular basis.

Your favourite song right now is Jingle Bells by the Barenaked Ladies. We love the part when the song gets up beat and you start dancing and laughing. If I ask you if you want to listen to Jingle Bells, you nod your head furiously. You are so cute!

Mama loves you Quinner.

Love Mama.

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