Someone Like You

by Rumour Miller on February 18, 2012

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I haven’t felt much like writing here as of late.  I’m not sure why.  A cross between boredom and feeling as though I don’t have much to say.  We have been so busy this winter with our scheduled activities and work that when we do have a quiet day or a quiet weekend, it’s like we have forgotten how to fill it.  It almost seems strange that I have been sitting on my couch for the better part of the afternoon today.  I cannot tell you when I did that last.

The girls are busy.  They are growing up so fast.  I was just looking at Piper today and felt like someone had pinched me.  She is going to be six soon AND I have two other girls to call mine.  I’m not sure I will ever get over that.  I’ll never be able to wrap my mind around being a part of three gorgeous girls.  How is that they once lived inside me.  How is that possible.  It’s amazing.  It truly is a miracle.

I’m not sure that I will ever truly stop wanting another baby.  We talk about it a lot in our house.  The topic of “us” (and by us, I mean all 5 of us!) having another baby is on the agenda often.  Not because we are considering it but because, I think deep down, we would all really love another baby.  Of course we would.  It’s not going to happen though, folks.  We really are done and I sure do wish I had that complete feeling of closure.  It wasn’t meant to be for me and that’s okay.  I am okay with our little family… I am more than okay.  I am in love.

We measured the girls today.  On our wall where we measure our girls and write their names and the date.  Quinn is significantly taller than Davi was at the same age.  It’s crazy.  She is such a ham, just like Piper was.  My gosh its uncanny how similar the two of them are.  Quinn is still all mine though.  If she could attach herself to my hip, I think she would.  We still rock her to sleep at night and each time I sit in that rocking chair, the same one I rocked her two sisters in, I wonder where we will put it.  My time for rocking babies is almost up.  I get very emotional when I think about this and I think about it every night when I sit in that chair with Quinn.  Soon, she will be two.  Soon, we will be buying her a big girl bed.  Soon, that rocking chair will need a new home and a new purpose.

My Davi Doodle loves Adele.  She has her music on her iPod.  Whenever, “Someone Like You”, comes on the radio she recognizes it immediately and asks me to turn it up.  “It’s my song, Mama.”

Our adventures are grand but every now and again, I want to stop time.  Stop it from moving forward and my babies growing up.  Every now and again, I want to go back and wake up to Piper in my bed with a smile on her face “Mama!”.  Every now and again, I want to go back and rock Davi in my arms.

I got my “Someone Like You”… all four of them.  My life is complete.


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