Month 27 – Letter to Quinn

by Rumour Miller on June 23, 2012

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Dear Quinn ~

I’m not sure when you decided that sleeping in Mama’s bedroom was something you should be doing, but you have been asking almost every night.  Sometimes it is hard to tell you no but the truth is we all sleep better in our own beds.  Especially you.  The odd occasion you have come to my bed, no one sleeps well.  Especially you.

You are getting so big and you love to chat. You also love to repeat everything your sisters say, and I find that super cute! You love to sing and dance. You especially love to be with Annie. You are always sitting with her on her bed or sitting on her on her bed. I love watching you.

We went to Gramma and Papa’s for the weekend and you fed the chipmunks for the first time.  You were so excited when a Chipmunk finally approached and took a peanut from you tiny little fingers.  Of course it was all kinds of cute watching you.

You are getting big right before my eyes and another month has quickly passed us by.

Mama loves you Chickadee,

Love Mama

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