Back to School

by Rumour Miller on September 3, 2012

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I swear I fell asleep in June and woke up in September.

That is how incredibly fast our amazing summer has flew by. I am sitting at the island in my kitchen writing this while the girls eat and Craig surfs facebook. My parents and sister left this morning after Craig and my Dad spent the weekend finishing the fence we started three months ago.

We are in back to school mode as we arrange our schedules and mark important dates on the calendar. This year I will have one in grade one and one in preschool. The littlest will wave out the window as her big sisters head off to school.

We are planning for fall. I ordered Halloween costumes this weekend. The leaves will turn colours and soon we will all be cooking turkeys in our ovens and filling up on pumpkin pie. Soon, we will be putting up Christmas trees and getting excited for Santa’s arrival.

We have had an amazing summer here. Lots of memories made and time spent together but I do love fall and the seasons that are coming.

For now, though… I must survive back to school.


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