Making A Life Change

by Rumour Miller on March 2, 2013

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This is so true no matter how big or small that change is. Fear holds me back. I quit because I am afraid to fail. What is that teaching my girls. The exact opposite of what I want them to believe. That they can do whatever they want.

Since I last posted about my weight struggle here I’ve been making some small changes in my life.

Craig had bought me a gorgeous necklace from Tiffany’s for Christmas. It matched the bracelet he got me the year before. It didn’t fit around my neck. So I simply handed it back to him and told him to return it. He did. A month or so later he told me he could order another one with more links, to fit.

I said no. Instead we used that money to buy a treadmill. My goal is to start and complete the Couch to 5K. Very literally I will be getting my ass off my couch and on the treadmill.

I have been on the treadmill almost every day for the last two and a half three weeks. I downloaded the 5K Runner App to my iPhone and iPad and started the program this week. I also went back to a Tyson Method Boot camp on Wednesday (and my muscles are so sore today). I am making these changes slowly so I don’t get overwhelmed and quit.

I changed what I was eating six weeks ago. Taking in fewer calories. Trying to snack less. Trying not to do the mindless snacking at night. For the last 6 weeks, I have given up sugar and sweetener in my coffee and I have cut back on how much coffee I am drinking. I haven’t had a cup in the afternoon in a month. I haven’t had a pop in 6 weeks! Letting go of pop hasn’t been as hard for me as others. Getting rid of sugar in my coffee hasn’t been so hard either. The not snacking has been my biggest challenge. When I just want to sit down in the evening and watch some television with a treat. This is proving to my hardest habit to break.

My scale isn’t my friend and shows very little weight loss. This is discouraging for me. I really try not to get on my scale but, again, that is hard to do. We all want to see results, don’t we. It’s the easiest way to measure results.

But. I feel pretty good that I am doing this. Both mentally and physically. So I must be doing something right.

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Pauline March 11, 2013 at 11:33 pm

Nicole, I noticed NOT snacking is a challenge. What kind of snacks do you crave? I am so very proud of you for doing what you did. It makes me happy to see you take on these challenges for yourself. Keep it up Nicole, I know you can do it!
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