A Funk in Da Blog

by Rumour Miller on February 17, 2014

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I am, again, in a writing funk here on my blog.  I manage to continue to write the girls letters but not much else  is inspiring me to write more.  I wish it were.  I continue to say (again and again) how life is busy.  And it is.  Busy.  The girls keep us on our toes and we continue to adjust to our new home.  The adjustment has been slow because we are renting my sister’s home.  I am so thankful that she has given us her house to live in but it hasn’t been easy with all of our stuff in storage.

You have no idea how much I miss my garlic press!

Quinn told me tonight that she missed her toys.  I’m sure they do, as most of them continue to sit in boxes in storage.

I had good intentions of setting up my treadmill and continuing my adventure to being a 5k runner.  That was until we could not (and still cannot) find the parts to put it together.  Sitting somewhere in storage, I am certain.

We all came down with some kind of sickness in January.  It kicked our asses and then kicked them again.  Quinn has had the worst of it and it had her down and out for two weeks.  It seems (fingers crossed) that we are getting over it here.

Piper has had two hockey tournaments this year and one staring us down next weekend.  Davilyn had a Jamoboree with her Timbit team last weekend.  Immediately upon walking in the door at the end of the day, she announced she was finished with hockey.  It wasn’t a surprise but I was still disappointed and sad.  It’s okay because I don’t want her to do anything that she doesn’t have her entire heart invested in.  She quickly announced that although she was retiring hockey skates, perhaps she should invest in some figure skates… I will invest in what her heart desires.

Quinn is skating again.  The time of day is a challenge and she is usually exhausted by the end of it (makes for some interesting bed times around here) but she insists that she wants to keep it up.  Hockey and skating are both coming to an end soon anyway.  We can certainly finish off the season and then enjoy our break from it all.

Craig and I have invested in a “fixer upper”.  I have always had a hard time seeing the end result.  I can’t walk into a house and see the potential but Craig always can.  In our previous home, he talked me into buying it.  He saw the potential far beyond what I saw.  He did not disappoint me because when we left that home in November it was as close to a “dream home” as we have ever been.  It still had a few things that we wanted to add/change and if we had the chance it would have been our forever home.  It just wasn’t our forever place.

So, while we wait to get our plans together to eventually build on the 7 acres that we bought, we bought this fixer upper.  It should keep us busy for a few months anyway.

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