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by Rumour Miller on July 9, 2011

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I am not a fan of bikinis on little girls.  Tankinis, I am okay with.  The most I am comfortable with a bathing suit showing is the belly button and even then, I try to keep that covered.  I just do not think that skimpy looking bikinis on young girls is appropriate.  Sure on pudgalicious babies, it is pretty adorable.  Any age much older than that and I am not buying into the fad.

This does relate to my post, How Do You Talk to A Diva, and although I am very fond of praising my daughters for being smart, cute, funny, beautiful and just down right awesome.  I will not buy them a bikini.  Ever.

I cringe when I see young girls in itsy bitsy bikinis.  It’s something that is so far outside my comfort zone.  I am hoping that none of my 3 Divas pull one from the rack begging to have it.  The answer will have to be no.

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Craig Miller July 10, 2011 at 10:19 pm

They can buy them with their own money *after* they’ve moved out!

Amber July 12, 2011 at 5:24 pm

Oooh, I SO agree! I spent months searching for a tankini for Claire this year. I didn’t want a one piece for her main bathing suit because peeling those off so she can pee, and then trying to get them back on right while wet is a pain in the butt. It made me ill to see all those tiny little tops with just two little triangles for coverage though. I can’t believe they sell them at kids clothing stores. Ugh.

Valerie July 19, 2011 at 1:34 pm

Hi Nicole,
Just discovering your blog, and am really enjoying it.
I have to say I couldn’t agree more with this post 🙂 While in Australia 6 years ago it was a refreshing change to see almost no young girls (I can’t think of 1) in bikini’s. All wore rashguard shirts and shorts – so for my daughter it’s Australian surfing style all the way. And hopefully she’ll accept that she’s just too cool to wear a bikini 😉

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